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Training system

The goal of our training system is to inform people about the company and its objectives and teach potential partners to create agent network of consultants who offer financial opportunities on behalf of our company and boosted profits at the start. Sax Invest Ltd. allows you to benefit from business with neither financial education nor risks associated with initial stages of traditional business. After you registered and acquired a business package, we will help you to secure the basis for your business.  We work with people who want to build their own business (individually or with a team) in the financial services, providing clients with financial instruments of our MIP hedge fund. They are savvy about the economic environment and are focused on making money in the service industry by successfully applying new technologies, management techniques and methods of securing private capital. 

If our partner meets the aforementioned requirements but lacks experience, we may hugely facilitate their first steps in building the business. After initial familiarization via webinars, gaining knowledge they may easily and efficiently learn the basics of our profession. After the first phase of training, all partners will be patronized by our professional consultants, even in real life experiences.  

Our training comes hand-in-hand with career growth. At weekly and monthly webinars, we systematically develop and update professional and consultative skills or our partners. The special focus is given to communicative skills. After shifting to a higher position, we proceed with the constant professional education. 

Specialized courses and training facilitate personal development. SAX Invest обучение

Your progress up the career ladder is determined strictly by objective measurements. There is no room for luck or randomness, your results are assessed without any bias.

If you have the right approach and the desire to learn and grow, fair training system of our partner program is what you need. Sax Invest Inc. takes care of your professional and financial growth. A thoroughly thought-out system of webinars and training methods enable our partners to gain basic knowledge, professional experience and earn high profits, just like a financial advisor should. 

In the rapidly developing world and under specific economic conditions of today, the role of a financial associate consultant is much more important than ever before. Considering the fact that modern pension system can’t fulfill its obligations and the state budget deficit is only rising year by year, it becomes increasingly obvious that your fate is in your hands only. Client investors find it harder and harder to find a proper investment project each time. A good investment is beneficial not only to investors but to the national economy as a whole.

Our work is not done after an agreement is signed. The main part of our service is phone and online support. Our phone consultants offer immediate help. Depending on the issue, they quickly respond to your request or forward it to a qualified professional with sufficient knowledge on the subject. 

Dear partners!

Our company regularly holds interactive webinars on the topic of presentation of financial products provided by the Fund, as well as the presentation of possibilities and advantages of the partner program. 

Webinar hosts are highly skilled specialists and experts in finance and marketing.