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Ready to start

All you need to start working is to become a fully-fledged investor. For this, you must complete registration and join a business team of your referrer. Your private associate consultant will help you to assess your opportunities and, what is the most important, to create a development plan for your own business system. Step-by-step, discuss all the objectives and start bringing your business plan to life. Follow the webinar schedule and discover opportunities that advertising site presents to you. Keep up to date with news and special offers. Hints and online training make our investment program novice friendly.  

Registration requires the following:​

  1. Enter your email (you will get letters from the company’s administration) and set a password
  2. You will also have to get a background check by our security department. Sax Invest Ltd. operates and carries out all transactions in accordance to international agreements and rules which were imposed to combat illegal financial activity, fulfilling all the anti-money laundering and anti-terror financing obligations (AML/CTF system) under the law of a country where the company conducts its activities. Thus, the client agrees that Sax Invest Ltd. may terminate the agreement without giving any reason in case client’s activity is considered to violate international obligations of a company under FATF regulations.
  3. Pass verification. First, send us a color copy of your ID (e.g. passport). The first two pages – the first one with a photo and the second one with address – are enough. Then you have to send a waist-high photo of yourself with the opened passport in one hand and an A4 list of paper with a date written on it in another (see example).