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Profitable business


Sax Invest Ltd. provides a unique quick profits program to our partners. It is based on the most advanced marketing plan system (with "spillover"). You are rewarded for completing each milestone on each level of your structure. Inviting partners to the company personally, you control the development of your structure and thus the level of your income. An invitation can be personal or structural. 

SAX Invest выгодный бизнес

The reward is a one-off dollar payment after each milestore is completed. The size of the payout depends on the type of the package you own. This means that from the very start partners receive different rewards for the same level of efforts. Study each package and the possibilities they provide thoroughly and choose the most suitable for you and let it serve a huge impulse for the success of your business. Your money works for you from the very moment of investment. You work for yourself and grow your business with Sax Invest Ltd.!

Partner programs by Sax Invest Ltd. provide you with your own business, extra income and a position of an associate consultant in a rapidly growing investment company. 

On the initial stage of development, the project has the following distinct advantages:

  1.  Quick profit
  2.  The huge impulse in the beginning and passive income from active sales later
  3.  Building the business system as you see fit
  4.  Several types of income, including passive (residual)
  5.  Prospect of becoming a stakeholder
  6.  Gaining skills of a professional financial advisor
  7.  Fulfilling your own financial goals

We offer the most attractive terms of the partnership. Purchase of a business package (franchise) allows you to use the fund’s brand and grants the well-tested algorithm for your own business as well as extensive support from the company’s specialists. In future, attractive terms of investment in the most rapidly growing company will help you to find potential client investors with ease. Start now and make a profit off of each level of your affiliate structure. 

Boost your profits with our partner program!

In future, we will implement the possibility to upgrade your package and open a representative office in your town. Follow the news on the Company’s progress!